You Can Help Others Succeed but Can’t Prevent Their Failure

Now that you are familiar with the success equation, some words are  particularly cogent. Whether your concern is for your teenager, your significant other, someone you supervise, your best customer, a friend, or refugees in a third-world country, their success is not and cannot be your responsibility.

You can and do provide all the opportunities you can, the best output of which you are capable. You assure they have the best raw materials available as input to their individual success businesses. That input includes your good-will, your encouragement, your patience, your persistence. They have the finest opportunities you are able to put out there for them. How they use those opportunities to expand and enrich their internal resources is a product of their attitudes, their determination, their innate abilities, their commitment to success, their capacity to capitalize on the opportunities at hand. It is somewhat like the old poem:

You can lead a horse to water,

But you can’t make it drink;

You can lead a fool to knowledge,

But you can’t make him think. …